Laravel 5 Separate Authentication for Admin (Backend) and Users (Frontend)

Welcome to my tutorial about Laravel authentication for Users (Front end) & Admin (Backend).

Laravel is specifically built for web applications and one can expect that any application...

PrestaShop Password Encryption Method & Notes about generating hash for PrestaShop Password

PrestaShop is one of my favorite eCommerce frameworks. I suggest it to all of my clients for their eCommerce application.

So right now, I am talking about the latest PrestaShop version which...

Use Illuminate or Laravel Routing, Controllers & Eloquent Relationships in PrestaShop

I always found PrestaShop is a great system to work with, however, one of the drawbacks of PrestaShop is generating custom URLs. I know, you would say we can do it via a module front controller whi...

NuxtJs/Nuxt universal application deployment in cpanel (Server-Side-Rendering) – Vue SSR

I have gone through various documentation to deploy my first Nuxt JS application. Honestly, I had a hard time finding the right guide which could help me to make my application live. Finally, after...

Laravel set application scope and Admin Route

Setting up the admin route and application scope will help application to understand the current scope which will then be used for code splitting. I.e Separate Admin and Front Views, Separate Admin...

Laravel Separate Views for Admin or Backend and Frontend

This article is about to set up the different scope, Admin or Front, to serve distinctive Route, Controller and view files. This can make a Laravel application more organized.

First, we will...

Laravel separate Controllers for Admin/Back-end and Frontend

In the previous article, we have learned about how to separate views for admin and backend. In this one, we are going to create flexibility in Controllers folders so that we can have separate folde...


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