Use Illuminate or Laravel Routing, Controllers & Eloquent Relationships in PrestaShop

Written by Jigesh Raval on September 25, 2017

I always found PrestaShop is a great system to work with, however, one of the drawback of PrestaShop is generating custom URLs. I know, you would say we can do it via module front controller which i find really tedious.

I was wondering how good it would be to use Laravel’s routing into PrestaShop ? You may aware that Laravel use Illuminate for routing. Don’t say me it use symfony for routing. No it’s not.

Below are the steps that will add custom routing ability to your PrestaShop store.

Of course, this small application will help you to create custom controllers as well. Believe me they work faster than default Presta.

Install it via github

What are the flavors added into PrestaShop ?

  • Custom and Easy Routing (
  • Eloquent Relationships (
  • Database Fluent Queries (
  • Laravel Controllers (

All this works along with Default PrestaShop functions.

You can still access $this->context into laravel controllers.

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