6 Must Follow eCommerce website Marketing Techniques

Written by Jigesh Raval on March 18, 2016

eCommerce Website Marketing

In my previous post, i have described in details regarding eCommerce Website Technical Aspects to make it a million dollar eCommerce website

After Developing an eCommerce website you need to tell it to the world. That’s where need of analysis for eCommerce website at marketing prospective arise.

To effectively reach your target audience, there are some crucial eCommerce Website Marketing Strategies can give you generous audience.

Let me describing it without wasting time,

Part #1 Use Social Media Effectively:

eCommerce website socialmedia marketing

Obviously, social media is not limited to fun, chat and sharing updates and videos.

Effective campaigning on social network can give you thrive results.

According to Forbes Magazine Social Media drives 31.24% of traffic of all referral traffic.

Shareaholic analysed over 200,000 websites and collected the data which is represented over here.

Social media can drive a lot of traffic to your eCommerce website and obviously that help you to sale more.

Facebook & Twitter advertisement can be handy tool if you are a start up! Trust me, they are less costlier as well.

Report Social Media Drove 31.24 of Overall Visits to Sites

Part #2 Are You a Friend of Search Engines?

Yes, You must be the friend of SEO. Its most cost effective way to sell your product online.

According to MOZ,

SEO is the practice of improving and promoting a website in order to increase the number of visitors the site receives from search engines.

Choice your keyword with some strategy which can help to improve your SEO ranking

There are various tools available to choose the word to target. The most effective tool is Google Adwords keyword Planner.

When writing content of the page, Be innovative, because if you copy the content of other site then SEO consider it as duplicate content and hence it may liable for ranking penalty.

Avoid Black hats SEO Techniques.

Don’t try to make fake marketing by increasing CTR and other tweaks and all because Google Developers uploads more than 500 algorithms to keep Search engine up to date.

So, Instead of using tricks and tweaks you should build up your qualitative Product.

By increasing quality of your product you can make your website more SEO friendly.

Use Webmaster effectively : We accept that there is an impressive effect of Google on the world in terms of Search Engine but we can not ignore other search engine like Bing, Yahoo, Mozila etc.

Part#3 Paid Marketing tools are handy!

There are multiple choices for you to go with Paid Marketing Tool.

Depends upon your budget and target audience, you can choose one or all for your internet marketing.

Effective marketing agencies are

  • Google Adwords – Has wide network. Display your ads in many websites who are publisher of their ads.
  • Facebook – Display Ads on its own site only
  • Twitter – Display Ads on Twitter only
  • LinkedIn – Display Ads on LinkedIn only

How they charge you..?

There are multiple strategy with  those agencies.

  • Cost Per Click Rate
  • Cost Per Impressions

Cost per click is better for start up. This means you are only charge if someone click on your ads.

Your advertise will be appear on google and another google product.

Let me give you one example. Suppose you are owner of any eCommerce Website related to Garments. Now you can set the keyword  “T-Shirt”. When people Search for T-Shirt then they will able to see your ad. Then they click on it to visit your eCommerce Website.

You will be charged only when people clicks on your ad. hence you can reach those customer who search regarding your business.

Besides this you can manage your budget due to CPC (Cost Per Click).

By using AdWord Tool you can mange your ad quality and reach to the Premium Customer of your field

Who is effective ? Google Or Facebook ?

I would say both. If you are a start up, Golden advise is to use Facebook. Its cost-effective.

Part #4 Newsletter

Newsletter actually tells your customer that you are still alive and active.

A newsletter is a regularly distributed publication that is generally about one main topic of interest to its subscribers. Newspapers and leaflets are types of newsletters.

Sending newsletter can help you a lot. It builds brand awareness & start the bridge of communication between you and your customers.

By Publishing Newsletter you will be able to aware the People about products, discount, upcoming sale event etc.

You can add one module  in your eCommerce Website which can be much helpful to you to reach customers as well as to expand the span of your Business.

Newsletter can show your expertise and build up confidence in your company as a potential supplier

You can promote your products or can give new offers about your services to your customers via Newsletters.

You can maintain contacts with your old customers and could easily get the new one by issuing the Newsletters.


Part #5 Conversion Rate

Standard conversion rate for any eCommerce Website would be 2% to 3%.

Suppose some random customer visits your store and add some items into cart but he does not buy it and leave the store, this doesn’t generate wealth for you.

It’s good to see that customer visit your site but does not becomes fruitful while he leaves the store without Buying the Product.

Hence Conversion Rate of turning Visitor into Customer is too low.

Hence we should apply Conversion Rate Strategies to convert visitor into Customer.

To increase your Conservation Rate you have to work on following part of your eCommerce website:

  • Homepage
  • Categorypage
  • Searchpage
  • Productpage
  • Checkout page
  • Home Page

To improve the quality  of the eCommerce website’s home page you have to show fair number of products to the home page.

Avoid to use more Banners to show your product especially when you are a startup. Just make your website simple.

Do not use heavy Java Script loaded content to your site which loads more and visitor may start to abandon your website.

  • Product Page

This is the page where customer see the actual quality of your website and decides whether to buy or say good buy to the website.

You have show your product in effective way that it looks as simple as attractive.

Provide all the details that relates the Product (i.e. Price, Colour, COD is available or not and all)

You may add Reviews and FAQs about the product that can be more effective while visitor reads it.

  • Payment and Shipping

Make your check-out much easier that customer won’t get confused while making payment.

You may enhance security of your product page by adding SSL Technology and let your customer feel that the payment that they are doing is totally secured.

Besides this you may take care about the delivery of the product. If possible you should provide facility of Free shipping and Cash on Delivery.

Build-up your Payment Gateway (i.e. PayPal, Payoneer) in such a way which is totally secured so that customer can trust on it very well.


Part #6 Data Analysis

This business is not that type of business in which you can seat back and stay relax. You have to analyse your business data at regular Interval.

Its not much complicated if you use some tactics to improve your performance on sites as well as apps by using data analyzer like  Google Analytics.

Mr. Mia vallo says

Google Analytics Premium helped us improve engagement by 33and click-throughs by 21%  for content promotions on our homepage.

Mia Vallo – Sr. Director, Marketing Analytics, National Geographic

You can get Real time overview to each those small facts that affects your  business.

You can get the whole information about your site that how many people have visited your site, How many sessions are attempted, What is the Bounce Rate of your site, Which country is most useful for your business and many more things that you may not observe.

Hence by using such analytics you can track record of your site.



Marketing your business would be a fun if you know the real idea about how to market it.

While making  different types of promotion of your product you should keep above parameters for the marketing.

You should not forget to do Social marketing while promoting your business.

Your Website or eCommerce Website should be SEO friendly so people can easily reach to you and that will connects them to your business.

Never forget to provide Newsletter at regular interval which will make your contacts alive…!!

Focus on Conversion Rate. To increase Conversion Rate you have to convert your visitors into your Customers.

After doing  all these process if you won’t analyze what’s happening to you Store then you may fails.So analyze data of your site or store at regular Interval.

If you stick to your basics with keeping above parameters in your mind then you will definitely achieve your goal without hesitance..!

I would love to discuss more on eCommerce website’s marketing aspects.

Again, i would love to hear more from you. Tell me which marketing challenges you think is there for you or can be potential threat for any business….?