eCommerce Website – Ultimate Guide for Technical Requirements

Written by Jigesh Raval on March 14, 2016

ecommerce website technical requirements

In my previous blog we had detailed discussion on eCommerce website from Business perspective.

In this post i am going to tell you about how can you build a million dollar website using best technical platforms.

In my previous post, i have published guidelines you should follow as an eCommerce Website Startup to covering up availed risk.

In this post, I’m going to point out the technical factors or technical requirements of eCommerce Website that can turn your reputation to million dollar eCommerce Website.

To compete with your stronger competitor, you need to be equally stronger.

Part #1 Luxury at zero cost:

Yes, truly. If you didn’t try to know the eCommerce Open Source Platform than do it now.

Use Open-Source. Certainly many open source are rich in nature, Much Secure and Stable.

If you hire a company or a freelancer to develop your eCommerce website without any open source, it will be 10 time costly. Remember, nothing in this world is permanently secure.

These open source software are amazing and providing Luxury at zero cost..!!!

List of Open Source Platforms:

You can extend functionality of those source via Free plugin, module or extensions.

Most of those Shopping Carts are built up on PHP Technology

Let’s look at some of the statistics that shows acceptability of Open Source Platform.

A) Source: WikiPedia

Comparison of shopping cart software Wikipedia the free encyclopedia

B) Source:


Now let’s continue with our main topic about technical aspects of eCommerce Website.

#2 Prepare the Pitch:

Super fast performance of your eCommerce website is necessary irrespective of which technology and which platform you are using.

As stated on KissMatrics the survey held on Akamai and, User expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less.

Customer abandoned, if site is not loaded in 3 seconds.

79% of Customer won’t come again due to poor performance of website

43% of Customer share bad experience with other.

All above facts brings potential sales down and big loss to the reputation of your eCommerce website.

Site speed & analysis testing tool is as below:

Solution: steps to achieve good performance.

Choose right server environment.

there are 3 server types of and hosting environment in the market.

  • Shared Server or hosting environment (I don’t recommended)
  • Virtual Machines or VPS (Average performance)
  • Dedicated Server(Love it..!)

Detailed explanation of which hosting solution you should use will be available on my upcoming post.

Part #3 People love Sophistication

Let’s take an example of a Facebook.

If you hit Like button and page gets reloaded then what would be your feelings..??

Same way your customer feel if there are too many refreshes and boring reloads are there in your site.

I love Google+. They are not refreshing page and gives smooth User Experience.


  • Use Ajax and jQuery
  • Make checkout page one page.
  • Smoother cart


Part #4 Your store should  look like a Million Dollars..!

Color combination of your eCommerce Website should be matching up with the profession or type of your business.

Modern day CSS tools and technology makes much easier to make your eCommerce website of million dollar.

Use flavor of Bootstrap, Materialize CSS or Polymer project in your eCommerce Website Theme.

Design of eCommerce Website is like Air-Condition in physical store when external temperature is way too hot….!!!!

If your customer feel comfortable at your place, they would love to visit again and again.

I would love the returning customers if i am an Online Store owner.

Don’t forget, you need Responsive design to serve your customers on hand-held device, tablets, mini-book or iPad. Mobile website is also a good option.

Here is the question, what is the difference between responsive design and mobile website?

Answer will be published in my upcoming post, what is the difference between Responsive design and Mobile website…??


 Part #5 A girl loves the makeup and Google as Well!

Well, don’t get surprise with my heading. I am talking about Structure Data Markup.


Google bots loves to read organized content on your eCommerce Website. Always tell google about the description of your content. now you will ask, But how.?

well, your answer is here.

Marking up your Product Data such as Product Title, Product Description, Product Images, Product Reviews, Product Accessories with

I was amazed with the way Amazon and Flipkart and major eCommerce giant achieved this but now you can do as well.

Part #6 Checkout: The most crucial part of your eCommerce Website

The typical conversion rate for any eCommerce website is 2 to 3%. This figures are also applicable to giant eCommerce websites like amazon.

This conversion rates are influenced by many factors. You can improve your conversion rate with your simplistic checkout.


Allow Guest Checkout – If you are an eCommerce start up, do not be pushy. Allow customers to checkout without registering.

Form with Minimum Information – Many eCommerce software listed above is missing this. They are asking for too many information from customers. This becomes headache for your prospective customers. Make your checkout fields form as simple and as minimum as possible.

Disallow Reloads – Allow smoother experience by removing boring reloads on checkout.

Say no to Steps – Don’t choose 5 step , 6 steps or any number of steps in checkout. Checkout should be one step only.

Still, there can be number of thins you can add on your checkout page to gain trust of your customers. But do not overwhelm with lots of information.

A post on How to Enhance your Checkout Page will be published in upcoming time..!!

Part #7 Security: SSL

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser.

Gain trust of your customers by improving security of your eCommerce Website.

That’s why, i say i love dedicate server.

You can install SSL Certificate on your eCommerce Website to improve the security tactic.

Its a small tactic however, it influence greatly to gain the trust of your visitors and customers.


If you want to make such an awesome eCommerce website that really Productive then you have to workout on technical aspects while setting up your eCommerce Website.

Still there are many technical aspects needs to cover up, but i have covered main important 7 technical aspects than can influence the eCommerce Website performance.

Choosing the best sustainable platform, taking care of design and appearance and smoother user experience that can drive you to success and help you to become next eCommerce giant in the market.

Always stay tuned with the latest technology. It is the only way to stay secured in the modern day threats.

You should Choose safe server and space where your eCommerce assets will be stores and don’t forget to take back up of your data.

Last but not the least, you may hire any proficient developer who can fulfill your requirements. If you are a developer than Bingo…!!

I love to hear comments from you about which technical challenges you are facing to make your eCommerce website of big price…?