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Written by Jigesh Raval on August 31, 2015

Jigesh Raval's First Post

Being a software developer & an entrepreneur, i am learning too many things every day. I am planning to share my thoughts and software development techniques and new findings in web based business in detail with the people who actually love my work and would love to know my thoughts.

How i started doing codes!

I’ve started working as founding developer of IT-Innovator Web Apps Services in 2011. Since after i have seen there are many things on internet is really exciting apart from seeing videos, playing games and spending time on social network.

2010 – In my starting days, I have started an informative website called covering information about Indian Domestic Cricket & Cricket Association. Well, that was built in Microsoft Publisher tool. The website was just static with one sign up form. However, i have got near about 50 registration in next 4 months. I may call it my first success.

2011 – When i realize that i am receiving quite a few impressions and visits on my website. I’ve started planning to take it further by creating some kind of social networking website where cricketers can join it. But how, i was completely unknown to programming language that is necessary to build such complex website.

By doing some search on Google, i realized there are certain open source content management system can help me to build me such website easily. First, i went to Joomla. I’ve used Joomla with community builder to build my social networking website.

The last attempt went good, but i wasn’t satisfied with some poor graphics which were far better than my first website but my standard was improved after all ;).

I tried many things in those days and got to know about new open source content management systems like WordPress, PrestaShop, Magento, Opencart, TomatoCart, osCommerce, OscMax, Drupal, BuddyPress & few others.

That was how my journey begun to being a professional software developer. Today i know more than 35 CMS & Shopping carts along with Programming language like Python, Java, PHP, Android, iOS with little bit added flavor of skills in Search Engine Optimization & Graphics designing.

What i am going to share ?

In my journey, I’ve learnt lots of things about developing business with web technology and everyday i am learning new things. In next few years, i will be constantly sharing new information about my thoughts on new business planning, ideas, technological changes & technologies that can influence the business opportunity.

By doing small little things on internet, you can earn a big amount, in fact you are loosing an opportunity every minute. You’ll start feeling crazy if you know how many opportunity you are weaving off every day. In my next post, i’ll post in detail about the opportunities availed on internet.

Your benefit will be yours only!

Its better to learn from other’s mistake rather than repeating same mistake. Learning new thing is my hobby and doing it in newer way is my habit. My ultimate goal of sharing experience, thoughts and other stuff is to help those smart people to covering up the risk and achieving goal in more smarter way.

I too did mistakes and following the techniques described by me will help you to avoid the mistakes done by Jigesh Raval.

My IT-Innovator

Being entrepreneur means taking risk in hoping of financial profit. i have started my own venture IT-Innovator Web Apps Services in 2011 with hope of being a top software development and website development company.

So far, we have achieved what we’ve decided. Now we’re taking our organization to next level by helping our clients to grow in this competitive market.

Why Blogging?

Obvious, to get benefit and to give benefit. To get benefit means, i would like to attract eyes of people and readers towards my knowledge and give benefit means, i want to share many things that I’ve learnt from my sleepless nights to hard time in office in solving a problem.

Solving a problem for my client is my everyday’s job. I want to tell my readers how easily i do this and how easily you can do the same too!

Blogging is best way to tell people about what do you think about what in little more detail.


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Overall, my goal is to start sharing some really interesting stuff on my blog. The blog post is going to interest you if you love eCommerce or Online Store or you are searching some content that will surely help you in building a successful business online with latest technologies and detail analysis of such technologies.

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